RG series - RG11 A/U--75Ohm Coaxial Cable


1) Construction
 Center Conductor: 7X0.4mm Copper/Tinned Copper
 Dielectric: 7.25mm Soild PE
 Braid Coverage: 60%-97% Copper/Tinned Copper Braid
 Jacket: 10.2mm PVC/PE


2) Characteristics
 Impedance: 75+/-3 Ohm
 Capacitance:67+/-2 pF/m
 Velocity of Propagation: 66%


3) Attenunation[@ 68F. (20C.)]
  50MHz  4.5dB/100 m
 200MHz  9.6dB/100 m
 400MHz 14.5dB/100 m
 600MHz 18.7dB/100 m
 800MHz 23.0dB/100 m
1000MHz 26.4dB/100 m


4)Structural Return Loss(SRL):

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